How to Show your Breyer Model Horses



Did you know you can show your model horses, just like real horses???

and have a chance to WIN ribbons, trophies, etc


Breyer - has an article written by Tracy Tariska on the ABC's of Model Horse Showing CLICK HERE

Generally, you can show in one or both types of divisions.

Halter or Performance

Halter - Model does Not need a halter in these classes. If halter is used, please make sure it fits the model and breed. Example: an Arabian style halter is not used on a stock breed, such as a Quarter Horse.

Classes are broken down into Gender, Breed and/or Color, Age

Here is an example of a set of clases:

1. Stallion/Gelding - model Must have male parts

2. Mare - model must Not have male parts

3. Foal/Yearling - model must look to be under the age of 2 years old

4. Pony Breeds

5. Draft Breeds

6. Arabians/Part Arabians/Morgans

7. Quarter Horse

8. Paint/Pinto (no ponies or draft horses)

9. Appaloosa (no ponies or draft horses)

10. Thoroughbred/Standardbred/Sporthorse/Warmblood

11. Gaited Horse Breeds (TWH, Paso, Fox Trotters, etc.)

12. Mustang/Other Breeds not listed above - please have on tag stating model’s breed on it

13. Other Animals (dogs, bulls, pigs, fantasy creatures, etc.)

14. Liberty - this is for Running, Bucking, Rearing or other action models only

15. Most Loved - this is for those that have dings, broken ears, lots of body rubs, etc



Performance - The Performance classes focuses more on the model, its pose, and its suitability to real-life tasks. Performance divisions requires suitable tack for the model, and sometimes a rider and/or backdrop. Props such as jumps, fences and other animals may also be allowed.

English Performance - English style riding to include but not limited to Hunter Jumper, Eventing, Dressage, Equitation


Western Performance - Western style riding to include but not limited to Reining, Roping, Equitation, Trail, Rodeo, Horsemanship


Other Performance - Any other activities not including in English or Western such as Costume classes, Parade, or Driving/Carriage


Judging Criteria

Models should be clean and in excellent condition with few or no scratches, nicks, rubs, etc. Broken ears and other flaws may prevent model from placing well) except for the Most Loved class.

Breed that you choose for your model does not have to be what Breyer says it is. If you think your model looks like a Thoroughbred, but Breyer says it is a Quarter Horse, please show it in Thoroughbred.

Please make sure that the age, color and sex that you choose for your model is what you would see in a real horse of the same age, breed, etc. Breed registries online are great sources of information

TAGS: The model should have name, age, sex and breed on one side and shower’s name on the other side. If you do not have tags with strings to attach to your model, paper or index cards may be used as long as the information is on them. 2023 ©
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