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Western book Blood Of Eagles, Eagle Series By William W. Johnstone

Blood Of Eagles, Eagle Series Western Book

By William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Pinnacle Books 2000 ISBN: 0786011068
The concluding novel in William W. Johnstone's towering EAGLE series. The Oklahoma Panhandle is one hundred miles of lawlessness and danger: a no man's land designed to separate Texas from pro-Union Kansas. Through this desolate strip rides legendary gunslinger Falcon MacCallister, a young Indian boy by his side. Behind him lies a scene of horror left by outlaws who'd ambushed a small wagon train. As he searches the Panhandle for the killers, Falcon enters a storm of greed, thievery, and betrayal that has its roots in two long, gleaming bands of steel. A new railway is penetrating this hostile land - making some people rich, some people dead, and sending a boy and a gunfighter on their own brutal ride to revenge.
Paperback, 304 pages
Item Code: BKS215

Price: $5.99 New



Western book Man From Wyoming By Dane Coolidge

Man From Wyoming Western Book

By Dane Coolidge
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.2001 ISBN-10: 0843949384
This novel was originally published in 1924 as "The Scalp-Lock" and then revised for one of the pulp magazines in 1935 under the title "Man From Wyoming." While the story takes place in southern Wyoming, the "man" of the title, Hawks, is actually from Boston, and he's a fish out of water in the wild, open ranges. He has arrived to determine why his father's ranch is suffering losses, and he discovers that the ranch manager is not to be trusted and all the cowboys who work for him are rustling his cattle. In fact, the surrounding country is infested with thieves and train robbers. Railroad detectives come out in force but are unsuccessful in bringing anyone to justice. Hawks befriends one of the train robbers, a good-natured man who resembles real-life Butch Cassidy. Meanwhile, the Cattleman's Association hires a killer to rid the range of the menace. Hawks is left uncomfortably alone and in the middle, and Coolidge makes his dilemma an interesting study in character. He's torn between the ethics of the civilized East and the inability to bring law and order to the frontier without the use of violence. This new edition includes a long overview of the career of Dane Coolidge by western historian Jon Tuska.
Paperback, 207 pages
Item Code: BKS216

Price: $2.00 Exc Used

1 Available


Western book Blood And Gold By Ralph Compton 

Blood And Gold Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2004  ISBN-10: 0451212673
A young cowhand-entrusted with $30,000 of his employer's money-must traverse hostile Indian territory while avoiding bandits who are pursuing the fortune.
278 pages
Item Code: BKS217

Price: $5.99  New



Western book Deadwood Gulch By Ralph Compton

Deadwood Gulch Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2006  ISBN-10: 0451219864
Bounty Hunter Cas Everett's family was slaughtered by outlaws. He has followed their bloody trail to Deadwood-the most lawless town in the West-and will stop at nothing to see that justice is served. 295 pages
Item Code: BKS218

Price: $5.99  New



Western book Guns of the Canyonlands By Ralph Compton 

Guns of the Canyonlands Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2006  ISBN-10: 0451217780
Gunfighter Chance Tyree never looks for trouble. But with his reputation as a lethal gunfighter, trouble has a habit of finding him.  In the Utah canyonlands, Chance ends up at the wrong end of a rope after he's accused of being a hired killer - and he's saved from the hangman by Owen Fowler.  Fowler knows what it's like to be punished for another man's crime.  He spent nine years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, and now he's come home to start over. That's something local rancher Quirt Laytham will never allow.  He's making a play to take over Fowler's old property, and killing is a small price to pay.  On the run from Laytham's men, the new friends hole up with a grizzled cowman and his daughter, and learn that Laytham's sinister ambitions reach even further than they thought.  Now, with a dangerous land-grabber determined to take them down, and a corrupt sheriff coming for blood, Tyree's lightning-fast draw is the only chance they have left....
279 pages
Item Code: BKS219

Price: $5.99  New



Western book Riders of Judgment By Ralph Compton

Riders of Judgment Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2001  ISBN: 0451202147
In her guise as "Danny Duggin", Danielle Strange has spent the past two years hunting down the outlaws who murdered her father. Reunited with her brothers, the twins Tim and Jed, she plans to take her war across the border into Mexico-unaware she's being pursued by a U.S. federal marshall... But the murderer turns out to be a wealthy cattleman-and he's hired every lowlife in the territory to put the Strange family in Boot Hill.
313 pages
Item Code: BKS220

Price: $5.99  New



Western book Rio Largo By Ralph Compton

Rio Largo Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2006  ISBN-10: 0451219392
For years, the Circle T ranch and the D/P ranch have existed in Sweet Grass Valley. Separated by the Rio Largo river, both ranches have managed to prosper-mostly due to the ranch owners Kent Tovey and Dar Pierce, who are the best of friends. But all that is about to be challenged. Two new ranch hands are fomenting a cycle of violence between the ranches-with a ruthless gang waiting to pick their bones clean after they destroy one another. One loyal cowboy caught in the carnage knows the truth. And when the Circle T and the D/P can no longer be protected, they must be avenged.
298 pages
Item Code: BKS221

Price: $5.99  New



Western book The Bozeman Trail By Ralph Compton 

The Bozeman Trail Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2002  ISBN-10: 0451206908
The men of Long Shadow Ranch have a plan to get in on the gold rush. If they can pull it off, they'll be millionaires. But if they live, it'll be a miracle.
279 pages
Item Code: BKS222

Price: $5.99  New

2 Available


Brimstone Western Cowboy Horse Book by Robert B. Parker
Brimstone Western Cowboy Horse Book
by Robert B. Parker
Berkley Books 2009 ISBN: 9780425234617
Third in the Virgil Cole & Everett Hitch series of western novels. When Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch track down the woman who stole Virgil's heart, they find a dispirited prostitute rather than the innocent beauty she once was. Now they must save her, even if murder is the price of redemption. Some cover wear mainly to edges with crease to bottom on front.
Paperback, 306 pages

Item Code: BKS809

Price: $1.00  Used, see above  in shop



The Fit Or Fat Woman Solutions For Women’s Concerns By Covert Bailey, Lea Bishop Exercise Diet Book

The Fit Or Fat Woman Solutions For Women’s Concerns Fitness Book

By Covert Bailey, Lea Bishop
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, 1989, ISBN: 0-395-51010-4
Bailey and Bishop contend, reasonably, that being thin and being fit aren't synonymous. Rather, the percentage of fat in one's body is critical: the average woman's body contains as much as 22% fat, and lower levels are considered unhealthy. The coauthors survey the similarities and differences in men's and women's body builds, their respective metabolic needs and the dynamics of male and female weight loss and gain. They also repeat what we already know: women have a more difficult time keeping fit and trim. The familiar health benefits and psychological boon of exercise are discussed, as well as the problems, such as bulimia and anorexia, of overzealous dieting. Throughout, Bailey, a fitness workshop instructor, and Bishop, his assistant, plug his program for weight control, based on the one used at Bailey's Fit or Fat Center in Oregon.
Paperback, 148 pages
Item Code: BKS548

Price: $7.95 New



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