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Western book The Dakota Trail By Ralph Compton

The Dakota Trail Western Book

By Ralph Compton 
Publisher: Signet Book  2001  ISBN-10: 0451204174
Desperate to save his destitute hometown, ex-cavalryman Dick Judson plans a cattle drive run by greenhorn children. But a gang of merciless cutthroats is waiting for them-and wants to stop them dead in their tracks...
261 pages
Item Code: BKS223

Price: $5.99  New



book Buckaroo By James McKimmey

Buckaroo Cowboy Horse Book

By James McKimmey
Publisher: Scholastic  1979  ISBN: 0590305913
"What we've been having around here is a whole lot of rustling of our purebred Charolais cattle" Jess Keach went on. "And up to now we've never caught a single one of those rustlers. Ony now it's different. We just caught one. That's you boy." "NO" said Gary. A vintage book, extremely hard to find! Staining on edges of some pages, minor cover wear, spine has not been cracked open.
Paperback, 127 pages
Item Code: BKS252

Price: $5.00  Good Used, see above



Seabiscuit An America Legend By Laura Hillenbrand Thoroughbred Horse Racing Book

Seabiscuit An America Legend Thoroughbred Horse Racing Book
By Laura Hillenbrand

Publisher: Random House, 2001, ISBN: 0-375-50291-2
Seabiscuit was a rough-hewn, undersized horse with a sad little tail and knees that wouldn't straighten all the way. For two years, he fought his trainers and floundered at the lowest level of racing, misunderstood and mishandled, before his dormant talent was discovered by three men. One was Red Pollard, a failed prizefighter and failing jockey. Another was Tom Smith, The Lone Plainsman, an enigmatic mustang breaker who had come from the vanishing frontier, bearing generations of lost wisdom about the secrets of horses. The third was a cavalry veteran named Charles Howard, a former bicycle repairman who had made a fortune by introducing the automobile to the American West. In the summer of 1936, Howard bought Seabiscuit for a bargain basement price and entrusted him to Smith and Pollard. Using frontier training methods that raised eyebrow on the backstretch, they discovered that beneath the hostility and fear was a gentlemanly horse with keen intelligence, awe inspiring speed, and a ferocious competitive will. Competing in the cruelest years of the Depression, the rags-to-riches horse emerged as an American cultural icon, drawing an immense and fanatical following, inspiring an avalanche of merchandising, and establishing himself as the single biggest news maker of 1938 receiving more coverage than FDR or Hitler. Laura Hillenbrand beautifully renders this breathtaking saga of one horse's journey from also-ran to national luminary. Seabiscuit: An American Legend is an inspiring tale of unlikely heroes, a classic story of three embattled individuals overcoming the odds in the Great Depression.
Hardback, 399 pages
Item Code: BKS462

Price: $24.95 New with dust jacket

3 Available


Flint Western Book

By Louis L'amour
Publisher: Louis & Kathleen L'amour Trust  2003 Book of the Month Edition ISBN: 9781582880648
He left the West at the age of seventeen, leaving behind a rootless past and a bloody trail of violence. In the East he became one of the wealthiest financiers in America—and one of the most feared and hated. Now, suffering from incurable cancer, he has come back to New Mexico to die alone. But when an all-out range war erupts, Flint chooses to help Nancy Kerrigan, a local rancher. A cold-eyed speculator is setting up the land swindle of a lifetime, and Buckdun, a notorious assassin, is there to back his play. Flint alone can help Nancy save her ranch…with his cash, his connections—and his gun. He still has his legendary will to fight. All he needs is time, and that's fast running out. Comes with full color dust jacket.
Hardback, 181 pages
Item Code: BKS275

Price: $3.50  Exc Used/Like New except small initials in pen on 1st page

1 Available



Lassiter Gold Western Book

By Loren Zane Grey
Publisher: G.K. Hall & Co. Large Print Book Series 1991  ISBN: 0816149518
Loren Zane Grey continues in the grand tradition of his father, Zane Grey, with further adventures of Lassiter--the rough-riding loner from Riders of the Purple Sage who became America's favorite hero. It started with an old man's dying wish. All Lassiter had to do was haul a trunk to the sleepy town of Sunrise and deliver it to the man's son. But when the son dies mysteriously and the trunk turns out to be filled with $60,000 in double eagles, Lassiter's simple task becomes a whole lot more complicated. Next thing he knows, he's facing the gun barrels of a ruthless gang out to get the money for themselves and a trumped-up murder charge. Unless Lassiter finds some way out of this mess, the only way he'll be leaving Sunrise is in a pine box. Large print easy to read book set in 16 pt. Plantin. Paperback, 285 pages

Price: $3.50  Exc Used, small initials/pen mark inside front cover & on 1st page

1 Available


The Man Who Listens To Horses The Story Of A Real Life Horse Whisperer By Monty Roberts Horse Training Book

The Man Who Listens To Horses The Story Of A Real Life Horse Whisperer Horse Training Book
By Monty Roberts

Publisher: Random House, 1997, ISBN: 0-679-45658-9
When Monty Roberts was thirteen years old he went off on his own to the deserts of Nevada to watch mustangs in the wild. What he learned about their methods of communication changed his life forever. The Man Who Listens to Horses reveals his deep love and understanding of horses. We learn how, through his relationship with various horses, he gradually developed the methods which enabled him to communicate in their own language: a silent language of gestures like signing for the deaf. According to Monty, anyone can learn the language of the horse and anyone can learn his Join-Up methods. In this book he tells you how. This is the bestselling autobiography that spread Monty Roberts' message across the world and changed his life forever. Unique and inspirational, and with a message that resonates far wider than its application to horses, it might change your life too. New with full color paper dust jacket.
Hardback, 258 pages
Item Code: BKS471

Price: $23.00 New

2 Available


Cow Country Cookbook Western Style Cooking Book Book By Dan Cushman, Illustrations by Charlie Russell

Cow Country Cookbook Western Style Cooking Book Book

By Dan Cushman, Illustrations by Charlie Russell
Publisher: Clear Light Publishing, First Printing 1993, ISBN: 0-940666-18-9
In between the fascinating recipes is a lot of cowboy lore. Gourmet recipes along with good-natured writing & illustrated with Charlie Russell's drawings of gold miners, cowboys, cattle, Indians, stagecoaches, and bandits. Recipes include ways to prepare steaks, stews, cook wagon specialties, BBQ’s, fish, beans, soups, biscuits, desserts, etc, all with a western flair. This unforgettable book contains over 100 authentic pioneer and line camp recipes of the Old West. Included are stories from the author's Montana boyhood; tales of Charlie Russell's life as a cowboy-artist; and anecdotes taken from gatherings around cook stoves and campfires of ranch life in the West. Some are hilarious, all informative. Among the recipes sure to warm the hearts and stomachs of cowboys and cowgirls from the West or East are the following tantalizers: Six-Shooter Steak, Son-of-a-Bitch Stew, Reflector-Baked Potatoes, Wildcat Pie, and Bright Red Chokeberry Wine.
Soft Cover, 149 pages
Item Code: BKS482

Price: $9.95 New


50 Good Reasons To Be A Cowboy 50 Good Reasons Not To Be A Cowboy Western Americana Humor By Texas Bix Bender

50 Good Reasons To Be A Cowboy 50 Good Reasons Not To Be A Cowboy Western Americana Humor

By Texas Bix Bender
Publisher: Gibb Smith, 1995, ISBN: 0-87905-655-X
100 Cartoon Illustrations. Is owning a ranch owning the American dream? Or is it owning an overdue mortgage? It's all how you look at it. Now, from one of our best-selling authors comes a book that gives you a true look at the west, no matter what your opinion. Read it one way, and benefits of being a cowboy shine through the settin' sun. Turn it upside down and backwards (or was it that way to begin with?), and you'll wonder why the sun even bothered to rise. Size 6x7”. Great humor of the old west. Minor wear to cover from store handling.
Soft Cover, 112 pages
Item Code: BKS483

Price: $6.95 New


Appaloosa Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch Series #1 Horse Western Book By Robert B. Parker

Appaloosa Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch Series #1 Horse Western Book

By Robert B. Parker
Publisher: Berkley Books, 2005, ISBN: 0-425-20432-4
Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole are lawmen and friends who share the brutal hardships of an emerging West. But the courage that has defined them is challenged by a man without conscience or remorse. Now, Hitch and Cole have followed him to the small town of Appaloosa. What follows is a dance of wills where villains are cast in shades of grey, where heroes hide in the blackest shadows, where women can betray with frightening ease, and where Hitch and Cole will discover the price of responsibility, honor, and loyalty in the Old West. Some wear to cover & spine, small tear to 1st page inside cover(reviews page). Now a major motion picture staring Ed Harris, Rene Zellweger & Viggo Mortensen.
Paperback, 305 pages
Item Code: BKS536

Price: $1.00 Used, see above

1 Available


Hunt The Man Down Vintage A Double D Western Horse Book By Lewis B. Patten

Hunt The Man Down Vintage A Double D Western Horse Book

By Lewis B. Patten
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, 1st Edition 1977, ISBN: 0-385-12890-8
Outside the late October blizzard raged and the wind whipped the snow into drifts higher than a man's head. Mike Logan began to worry about the young widow and her two small children who lived six miles out of town. Locking up his livery stable he owned in Chimney Rock, he rode off to see if he could help. As he neared the cabin, he heard a scream, and that scream started Mike Logan on an odyssey no man should be called on to make. Removed from library so has library stamps in a few places plus remnants of removed card holder in back, comes with plastic dust cover protector.
Hardback, 185 pages
Item Code: BKS683

Price: $3.00 Good Used, see above

1 Available



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